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Assemblable wooden sauna mat

NAESTRO is an assemblable wooden sauna mat manufactured from square wooden modules and is available in two versions - in light colour from natural black alder and in dark colour from thermo treated ash. The production process of NAESTRO sauna mat is carefully managed to keep the natural appearance of the wood.

Functionality and individuality

  • Thanks to the unique fastening system the NAESTRO sauna mat can be designed in almost any size and shape, thus the mat is adaptable to any room.There are no special tools or skills needed to assemble the product. NAESTRO sauna mat is ready for service right after the assembling.
  •  NAESTRO sauna mat can be rolled-up for easier carriage, in this way also the cleaning of the floor is much easier.
  •  The product can be used on slightly uneven surfaces, as it is flexible and will adapt to the floor.
  •  By using of the supplied dismantling key, the wooden modules can be changed or removed, even if in the middle of the mat.


  •  NAESTRO sauna mat has very high anti-slip properties, as there are 4 built-in anti-slip elements in every single wooden module.
  •  There are no harmful substances used in production of NAESTRO sauna mat.

Treatment of surfaces

Every single wooden module of NAESTRO sauna mat is deep saturated with paraffin oil SUPI which is protecting the product against influence of water and humidity.


NAESTRO sauna mat, version in light colour manufactured from natural black alder. Usage only in saunas or us separate smaller fragments , e.g. - under flowerpots or hot kitchen items.

NAESTRO sauna mat, version in dark colour from thermo treated ash. For usage in bathrooms , shower rooms and in other places where there is a permanent contact with water or moisture , as well as for usage on balconies and terraces. Can also be used as separate smaller fragments, e.g. - under flowerpots or hot kitchen items.


Standard packing in a cardboard box contains (for the final size of 0,6 m2): loose square wooden modules - 104 pcs, plastic fasteners - 208 pcs, hole-covers - 50 pcs., assembling instruction and dismantling key, additional plastic fasteners for the connections of the next set.
The following options can be offered on a special request:
Customized packing units for the loose wooden modules or pre-assembled fragments.

Bath the light and the dark version can be offered in raw wood without the treatment with paraffin oil SUPI.
NAESTRO wooden sauna mat is a patented product.